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Window Cleaning Tools

The Perfect Window Washing Tools For Your Business

In order to run a successful window cleaning business, you need the right tools to serve your clients and complete your work efficiently. With the number of window washing tools on the market, you may wonder which options are right for your business. Which pole size is right for me – 8′, 18′, 24′, 30′? What about waterfed poles, sponges, squeegees, and cleaning supplies? Our comprehensive training manuals, books and DVDs cover all of these questions and more, helping you find the exact tools you need for your window washing empire. Follow our simple and easy paint by number system for residential and commercial window washing tools to maximize your return on investment.

Tool Starter Kits For Window Cleaning Businesses

Window Academy offers complete starter kits for residential and commercial window washing businesses, so you can start working immediately. The kits are designed with you in mind. We recommend the best tools for your business at the lowest possible prices, protecting your finances and maximizing your resources. Variations include:

  • Residential Window Washing Tools
  • Commercial Window Washing Tools
  • High Rise Window Cleaning Tools
  • Startup Kits With Quality Window Washing Tools
  • Window Washing Accessories For Every Need
  • AVOID Buying Equipment You Really Don’t Need!

Whether you want to start a new window washing business or expand your existing one, we’ll recommend the right tools and equipment you need to reach your goals. Your training manual includes pictures of the best tools so you know exactly what you need to get. You’ll be well equipped to handle any job that comes your way.

Join Our Free Window Washing Forum And Get Real Advice From Real Business Owners

What better way to learn about professional window washing tools than by talking to real business owners in the industry? That’s what you can do when you participate in our FREE window cleaning forum. The board is monitored by the owners of Window Academy, and it is full of successful entrepreneurs who have made a name for themselves in window washing. Get free advice on bidding, accounting, tools, techniques, and everything you need to know to run your business from start to finish.

In addition to the training manuals and free support you get with your membership, you will get a one hour free coaching call with the owners of Window Academy. Learn trade secrets from experienced window washers who know what it takes to build a business from the ground up.

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