Unique Home Office Organizers

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Keeping your home office organized doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, many office organizers can be made from materials you already have in your home or garage. To save time and maximize productivity, you may use some of the tricks below to sort and separate your office supplies and paperwork. Check out this guide for unique home office organizers.

Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper rolls are great for organizing small items, like paperclips and thumbtacks. You may not want to have them out in the open, but they could help in your cluttered desk drawer. Just cut them to whatever height you need and line them from side to side. Then you can fill them with whatever you need.

Note that if you have a hard time keeping items in the rolls, you can tape a piece of cardboard to the bottom to hold them in place.

Tool Boxes

Tool boxes don’t have to be used exclusively for tools. You could put pencils, pens, staples, and even printer ink in a toolbox and set it right on top of your desk. If you work in window cleaning, construction, roofing, or a similar field, you may have spare tool boxes in your home already. Use this idea to inspire the decorations for your home office, and you can create a cohesive display that fits the nature of your business and addresses your personal needs.


Vases work well for pens and pencils because they look a little better than the plastic cups most people end up using on their desks. If you want to take this idea one step further, you could put fake flowers on the end of your pens and wrap their “stems” (the pens) in floral tape. Then you will look like you have a cup full of flowers on your desk. If you want to take a more masculine approach, you could attach screwdrivers to the ends of the pens to tie into your toolbox theme.

Silverware Trays

This is another option for your drawers if you have a lot of long items, like rulers, writing instruments, etc. If you have an old silverware tray you were thinking of throwing away, you could use it for your office supplies in your drawers. This will be flat enough to fit in the drawer, and it should have plenty of compartments for you to utilize.

Pill Bottles

Pill bottles double as great containers for small office supplies. You could put just about anything you want in those bottles, and you could even use a month-long pill organizer to separate small but similar items in your office. Contact your doctor or some pharmacies in the area to see if they have any extra bottles you can have or buy cheaply. Then fill them up and store them away.

Try some of these unique organizers in your home office, and you will clear the clutter in no time.