Trade Show Marketing Solutions

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Tradeshows are great venues for showcasing your cleaning services to local business owners. At a trade show, you create a display that highlights your window cleaning company, and then people come around to ask questions about your services. In order to make a good first impression, you need to understand the art of trade show marketing. Here is a closer look at how you can take advantage of this great opportunity.

Use Neutral Colors

To help your products and service demonstrations stand out, you may want to use neutral colors for your displays. You can put whatever colors you want on your banners, but everything else needs to be a clean blank canvas. Black and white are the best colors to use, but you could also try grey or a shade of light brown. Think about the colors in your products, and then find a background color to make them pop as much as possible.

Use Simple Marketing Graphics

Rather than trying to use complex images for your banners, keep them simple. You have to think about what you could logically see from a long distance away. It is better to have crisp lettering and clean lines than it is to have bold spirals that just look like blobs from afar. You can still have great looking graphics without having to push them to extremes.

Fill Empty Spaces

If there is a big empty space somewhere in your booth, try to fill it with a product or banner. This applies to items on the shelves just as much as it applies to vertical space in the back. If your “walls” look blank, get some pull up banner displays to put posters on. This will enclose your booth and make it feel more professional. Try not to overcrowd the booth, but don’t be afraid to fill it up either. This will get you more customers in the long run.

Try Vertical Displays

When possible, you need to try to display your products vertically, rather than lying them all out on a table. With vertical displays, people are more likely to take a look around because they do not have to bend over. This sounds silly, but it is the truth. When you have things at eye level, people can clearly see what you want them to see. The less work they have to do to view your products, the better off you will be.

Try these tips the next time you’re at a trade show, and you’re sure to draw in the traffic you deserve.