Should You Use Emails To Market Your Window Cleaning Company?

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Window cleaning companies work on a local level, which means that a lot of them don’t necessarily look to the internet for marketing and promotion. There are a number of benefits to using a website and internet marketing to promote your window cleaning company, but there may also be benefits to using an email marketing campaign. You may not have a company like eBay or Amazon that has an entire data base of clients on the Internet, but there are still benefits that you can gain from advertising like this. Here’s a simple guide to email marketing for your window cleaning company.

Promote Your Best Blog Posts

Blogging is a great way to build traffic for a website because you can build trust with your clients and promote your services at the same time. When you write a good blog post for your website, you can use email marketing to help draw new traffic to blog post. You might include a brief summary about what the post is about, like some quick tips for getting stains off window trim. Then you can provide a link to your actual blog article so that people can read even more.

Remind People About Their Window Cleaning Appointments

If you have clients that have difficulty remembering when you are coming to clean their windows, you can use an email campaign to remind in a day in advance. That way they expect to see you there, and they have payment ready for you. If you don’t mind getting paid on the internet, you could also provide them with an opportunity to pay for services in advance so that way you are guaranteed payment when you complete your project. This will minimize the amount of contact they have with you, which works out better for some clients.

Promote Special Savings Offers

If you are running a special on your window cleaning services for a certain month or holiday, you could promote that through an email campaign. If you offer other services throughout the year, like hanging up Christmas lights during the month of December, you could also tell people about the services through email. This gives you a chance to reach all of your clients at the same time without having to worry about contacting them individually.

Build a list of email addresses for the clients that you work with, and you could soon grow your business even further online.