Safety Tips For Window Cleaners: Part 1

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Window cleaning may not seem like a dangerous job, but it can be if you are not properly prepared for it. High rise window cleaners may have a more dangerous line of work than most because they have to scale buildings, but they are not the only ones who face dangers on a day to day basis. If you’re going to work in this lucrative industry, you need to make sure you protect yourself. Here are some great safety tips for window cleaners that you can take with you on the job.

Keep Your Personal Belongings Locked In The Van

Some window cleaners get a little too comfortable at work, bringing their phones, laptops, and other personal belongings on the job site because they think they are in a safe neighborhood. You never know when someone might come by to steal those items, so it’s best to keep them locked in your work vehicle. This will also protect the items from getting damaged, in case it rains or something falls near them at work.

If you have no choice but to bring your belongings with you, make sure you keep them out of harm’s way in a location you can watch over.

Wear Protective Gear When Working With Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

On occasion, you may need to use harsh cleaning chemicals to remove stains or stuck-on grime on a window. When that happens, make sure you wear a mask, gloves, and possibly goggles to protect yourself. Even if you are working in an open-air environment, you can damage your body by breathing in the chemicals. The dish soap you use for standard cleaning jobs won’t hurt you, but anything else needs to be used with caution.

Be Aware Of Your Environment

Before you start cleaning a window, make sure you check your surroundings. Look over the building carefully and check for falling wood, built-up ice, protruding nails, or anything else that may hurt you while you’re working. You also need to be aware of people in the area, in case they try to hurt or steal from you on the job. It’s sad to think that’s a possibility, but it is. You have to be prepared for it. Simply looking around before you start a job will do wonders for your protection.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this guide where we’ll go over even more window cleaning safety tips for you to put into action.