Offer Window Painting Through Your Window Cleaning Company

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Are you looking for new services to add to your window cleaning company? If so, you may consider window painting if you are artistically inclined. This is a fun and lucrative field to get into, but the demand for window painting may not be as high as window washing in your area. By providing both, you can corner the market and truly be a success. Here are some tips for adding window painting to your window washing business.

What Is Window Painting?

When we say window painting, we’re not referring to painting the trim around a window. This refers to the artwork that many businesses will use to entice people to come into their establishments. If you have ever seen a fast food restaurant or mattress store with cartoon character on the glass, that is the work of a window painter. Many commercial properties will change out their window painting seasonally to attract new customers all year long.

What Does It Take To Be A Window Painter?

Aldi’s me you need to have some artistic still in order to work as a window painter. You may get away with printing large copies of images to trace, but then you will have to pay for printing fees. If you can draw something free hand, even if it is simply words and letters, you will be able to make more money in this business.

Window painters must have the right brushes and paint supplies to work on glass. This will be different than your standards interior or exterior paint. As long as you have the tools in place, you should be able to complete a project successfully.

How To Promote Your New Window Painting Services

If you already offer commercial cleaning services, you will have a one-up on someone who only works on residential properties. That is because you can promote to your window painting services to your commercial clients. Tell them about the new services you offer and see if you can get one of them to test out your skills. You may want to make the first project free so you can really make sure this is the right job for you. There are plenty of window painting tutorials online that can guide you through this process step by step so you can do a good job from the start.

Aside from reaching out to local businesses, you can promote your window painting services by affiliating with sign-making and marketing companies in your area. If they have clients in need of glass painting solutions, they may keep your number to give to their customers. Over time, you can build a great online portfolio to show off to future clients and get contracts faster than ever.