Set Up A Productive Home Office: Part 2

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Continued from Part 1

Isolate Your Home Office

If you have the luxury of using a dedicated room for your home office, that is ideal. Simply shut the door when you are working and you can clear your head of distractions that cause you to lose focus. If you do not have a room for your office though, you will need to create a sense of separation that your family can recognize. You could use…

  • Curtains Hung From The Ceiling
  • Tall Screens (AKA Partition Screens, Privacy Panels, Or Panel Screens)
  • Bookshelves
  • Indoor Plants

Identify your office as a stand-alone feature, and you will be able to keep your mind on work.

Use Wireless Electronics

Your printer, scanner, computer, and the like should all work wirelessly, if possible. Al you have to do is invest in a good wireless router, and you can connect all of your office devices on one universal network. Chances are you will operate the office from the same internet connection as the rest of your home, so you might as well limit the amount of chords you have running through the office. This is especially true if you have children or pets that may trip on cables on the floor. They could unplug something that you need to use, and then you’re left crawling under the desk to get it situated again.

Keep Yourself Organized

It’s easy to lose focus of the business when you are at home because you have other distractions around you. This should not push you into disorganization though, as that will cost you money in the long run. Even though you may not have clients visiting your home, you should still make your home office look professional. That will keep you in “work mode,” and it will encourage you to be more productive.

It only takes a couple minutes to put something back where it belongs. Get in the habit of doing so with your office. Buy some cabinets with adjustable storage compartments to keep your office as neat as possible, and maintain a clutter-free office you are proud to show off.

Do NOT Include A TV

A television is the ultimate source of distraction in a home office. It seems like a logical addition, but it is the last thing you need. Reserve your TV time for the living room, den, or bedroom. When you are in your office, you need to be focused on completing your work – nothing more.

Follow the tips above when you set up your home office and you will increase your productivity for the future.