Creative Business Cards For Window Cleaning Companies

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Business cards are great marketing tools for window cleaning companies. It’s always a good idea to have some on hand when you bid on a project so you can leave a lasting impression on your potential clients. The more impressive your business cards are, the bigger the impression is that they will leave. Here are some creative business cards for window cleaning companies that you can use to wow your customers.

Clear Business Cards

Show off your cleaning skills with a clear business card that looks like a window. You can have a squeegee going through the card so people truly know what your company is all about. Clear business cards are more expensive than standard white business cards, but they are intriguing and unique. These are the cards people will want to grab at any business you leave them with.

Miniature Squeegee Business CardsWindow Cleaning Business Card Example

Miniature squeegees are great options for business cards because they identify with your line of work and offer potential customers something practical to use. Every time they go to squeegee something, they’ll think of you. You could get squeegees with handles, but those will be bulky to carry around. Try to get the small rectangular ones that are about the size of a credit card and print your business information on those.

Cutout Window Business Cards

Window Cleaning Business Card ExampleAnother fun idea for your window cleaning business is to have an image of a window on your card with the glass cut out. You will literally have a hole in your business card, but that’s what will make it look different. If you feel like going over the top, you could have a moveable paper squeegee on top of the window that’s connected to a dirty-looking piece of clear plastic on the top. Then when someone moves the squeegee, the dirty look goes away.

Oddly Shaped Business Cards 

Window Cleaning Business Card ExampleWhen all else fails, just change up the shape of your business card. You may have it shaped like a house if you specialize in residential window cleaning. You may have it shaped like a squeegee or a bucket of water. That is entirely up to you, but just remember to think outside of the box. The more creative you can get with your business cards, the more likely people are to keep them and contact you.