Using Business Cards For Marketing

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Business cards aren’t meant to sit on the edge of your desk. In order to use business cards effectively, you need to know how to present them to people so they are inclined to contact you. This isn’t just card with your phone number on it. It’s a reminder of your business and the quality customer service they can receive from it. This guide explains how to use business cards for marketing so you can generate more leads for your company.

Have A Conversation – End With A Business Card

If you get a chance to speak to a customer face to face, do so before handing out your business card. You don’t want to come across as a pushy salesperson with one goal in mind. Instead, you want to use the card as an opportunity to follow up with the person in the future after a successful encounter.

In a service-based industry, like window cleaning or roofing, one of the easiest ways to complete this process is by offering a free quote to a potential customer. You assess their property and determine what the cost of your services will be, and then you end with a business card attached to the quote form. Not only does this let you show off your expertise, but it also gives people more reasons to hang onto your business card. It now holds value to them because they may choose to work with you in the end.

Display Your Business Cards At Other Businesses

As a passive marketing strategy, you could ask other businesses to put your cards on display. When a new customer comes into that business, he or she may see your card and reach out to you for help. The trick is displaying your business cards in businesses that may have similar customers. Otherwise, you may never get any leads because their customers are not the type of people who would naturally seek your services. For instance, if you are focusing on commercial window cleaning, you would want to display your cards at a commercial real estate office, not an apartment complex.

You can do a card exchange, where you display someone else’s cards in exchange for having yours displayed with them. This would depend on whether you had an office outside of your home. If you offer bundled services with other business owners (Example: carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and lawn care all in one), you may include their business cards with yours when you bid on projects and ask them to do the same. With the right network of businesses on your side, you should be set for success.