5 Easy Ways To Increase Profits In A Window Cleaning Company

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As with any new business, it is important to learn how to maximize your profits with your window cleaning company. This will give you more money to invest in your work and better peace of mind for the future. Increasing profits isn’t always about charging more money. It’s about making smart business decisions. Here are five easy ways to increase profits in a window cleaning company.

1 – Charge Every Other Week, Not Twice A Month

This has to be the easiest way to earn more money with your window cleaning business. If you offer services twice a month, you will go to the client’s property 24 times in a year (2 x 12 months). If you go every other week, you will actually squeeze in 26 visits per year (1/2 x 52 weeks). Going every other week will also streamline your scheduling because there won’t be any lingering days in the month. This will work out better for you and your client.

2 – Shop For Supplies When They Go On Sale

You can find a number of window cleaning products at grocery stores, supercenters, home improvement stores, and more. Check out the ads in the Sunday paper to see if anything is going on sale. Sponges and dishwashing liquid are frequently on ad, so you can stock up for several months and save money along the way. Throw some coupons into the mix, and you’ll be set.

3 – Increase Your Prices Slowly

After you have worked with a client for about a year, you can consider increasing your prices for their services ever so slightly. A $1 increase won’t seem like much to a single client, but it will be a lot to you if you extend that increase across the board. Soon $1 turns into $50 if you have 50 clients, and that adds up to $100-$200 extra a month for the same work.

4 – Work More Efficiently

Practice your window cleaning techniques at home to speed up the process. Also work on your routing so that you don’t waste time driving around town haphazardly. The faster you can get through each job, the more time you will have left for new projects.

5 – Stay Close To Home

If you can find a lot of work in your area, go for it. The jobs may not pay as much as those on the other side of town, but you’ll save a lot of money in gas if you stay close to home. People will take comfort in knowing that you are close by, so you can use this as a selling feature for your services.